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You smell gas. What next?

Modern natural gas tech rarely fails, but we recommend you know what to do if it does.

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It's important to know the location of the shut-off valves for your water and gas lines in case you ever need to stop the flow of water or gas into your home. Shutting off the water is more common than shutting off the gas, but it's still a good idea to know how to do both. Here's a guide to help you locate the shut-off valves for each. It's also a good idea to label the valves and take a picture for reference.

Gas Shut-Off

If you suspect there is a gas leak in or around your home, do not try to find the shut-off valve. Instead, get out of your house, walk upwind of the leak, and call 911.

There are two types of gas shut-off valves for homes: street-side and house-side. The street-side valve is usually located before the gas meter and should not be touched as it is for Manitoba Hydro's use only. The house-side valve is usually located near where the natural gas line enters the house. Follow the line and the first valve you see will be the shut-off valve, while subsequent valves provide shut-offs for appliances like furnaces.

Depending on your system, you may see the gas line run into a pressure regulator, which is a circular or cylindrical device. This indicates that you have a high-pressure gas system, and the house-side shut-off valve will be located before the pressure regulator.

Water Shut-Off

To find the main water shut-off, locate where the water line enters your home and follow it. The main shut-off is typically located after the water meter. You may also see a shut-off before the water meter, but this is for the City's use and should not be used.

For most DIY plumbing projects, you won't need to shut off the main valve. Instead, you can shut off the supply valves leading to the specific fixture you are working on. For example, if you are replacing the cartridge in a kitchen faucet handle, you only need to shut off the water to the kitchen sink.

In case of a plumbing emergency, it's important to know where the main water shut-off is. These situations are not as life-threatening as gas leaks, so shutting off the water is in your best interests. Label the main shut-off and take a picture for reference. If you need emergency plumbing in Winnipeg, don't hesitate to call us as we offer 24/7 service.

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