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Furnace maintenance

Save $30 on a 12-point Furnace Inspection Now Only $89, for a limited time.

Regular maintenance extends equipment life, boosts efficiency, saves you money, and ensures home comfort.

Our fully certified and trained technicians perform top-to-bottom checkups, cleaning, and annual servicing of your equipment to ensure it is working smoothly and efficiently.

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The impact of maintenance on your peace of mind and comfort.

Every situation is unique but, in our experience, furnace rental provides homeowners with peace of mind, predictability, and money savings, upfront and in the long run.

Get a 12-point inspection and tune-up.

One of our expert Sterling Heating Technicians will conduct a 12-point inspection and tune-up of your furnace and catch any small issues before they evolve into bigger ones.

What's involved?

Despite their relatively mechanical simplicity, all furnaces have multiple components that require regular checks. A 12-point inspection examines each, ensuring no damage and performing the required maintenance.


Replacing filter in a central ventilation system
Replace Filter Conidtioners


Pro HVAC specialist performing heating system maintenance
Lubricate Any Moving Parts


Technician takes care of a gas furnace issue
Inspect All Wiring & Connections


HVAC technician performing gas heater check
Clean Furnace


Technician repairing HVAC system
Unit Safety Inspection


Plumbing underneath the sink
Inspect Pilot Light Assembly


Gas heater repairing performed by a Sterling technician
Check & Adjust Thermostat


Sterling technician repairing furnace
Check Efficiency Levels


Check Air Flow


Visual Heat Exchanger Inspection


Technician with a gas leak detector performing scheduled check
Check for Any Gas Leaks


Adult mail hand with finger pointed on a thermostat
Check and Adjust Fan Control
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SterlingCare plans start as low as $9.99/month.

Take back control and enjoy peace of mind with a SterlingCare Maintenance Plan.